As the center point of the face, the nose is a key player in facial symmetry, balance and structure. A nose that is straight, even and proportional to a person’s other features can subtly complement and bring out the best in their appearance. The opposite is unfortunately also true: if your natural nose shape is too big, too wide, off-center or otherwise unbalanced, the rest of your facial features may be overshadowed, preventing you from looking and feeling your best. A rhinoplasty — cosmetic nose surgery — is designed specifically to help reshape your nose, offering subtle results that make a big difference.


What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes and adjusts the contours of the nose. It is a highly customizable surgery that accounts for each patient’s unique nose shape, facial structure and aesthetic goals. The best rhinoplasty surgeons use their eye for detail and an artistic approach to sculpt the ideal nose for each individual, balancing their other facial features and subtly highlighting what they like best about their appearance. Rhinoplasty can address a number of concerns, including:

  • Straightening the bridge of the nose
  • Reducing a bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Altering the size or shape of the tip
  • Narrowing the base of the nose or nostrils

This procedure may also be a functional procedure to correct breathing difficulties due to blocked nasal passages, most commonly due to a deviated septum (the inner structure that forms the wall between your nostrils). During a rhinoplasty, your surgeon makes tiny incisions inside your nostrils to access the underlying bone and cartilage. The nose can then be contoured to a more desirable and functional shape.

Dr. Man’s Patient Rhinoplasty Reviews

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

As one of the most requested and performed facial surgery procedures, it is clear that rhinoplasty comes with many benefits. Patient satisfaction for this procedure with Dr. Man is very high, and our rhinoplasty clients frequently say that their results exceeded their expectations and make a noticeable difference in their lives. Some of the benefits can include:

  • Improves breathing
  • Removes asymmetry or deformity
  • Brings balance to the rest of the face
  • Corrects dorsum (bridge) of nose
  • Removes irregularities
  • Narrows wide nostrils
  • Improves self-confidence

Is Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

If you are unsatisfied with the shape of your nose or have breathing issues due to structural nasal problems, you may want to consider rhinoplasty. Many rhinoplasty patients have broken their nose in the past and are unhappy with the way it healed. Others have naturally deviated septums and have always had difficulty breathing through their nose. Still others simply do not like the shape or size of their nose and struggle with self-esteem as a result. If any of these situations sound familiar, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Man to find out if rhinoplasty is right for you.

Rhinoplasty is appropriate for patients of many age ranges, from teenagers to individuals in their 60s and over. If you are interested in rhinoplasty for your child, we may advise waiting until he or she is in their later teens to ensure that the nose has stopped growing. Rhinoplasty patients should be in overall good health, should be non-smokers and should not have any other medical concerns that may make a surgical procedure particularly high-risk. Dr. Man will discuss your health and medical history with you during your consultation to make sure that rhinoplasty is safe for you at this time.

How Involved is a Rhinoplasty?

Each patient’s rhinoplasty procedure is as unique as the patient themselves. Dr. Man is an expert rhinoplasty surgeon and will tailor your surgery to address your concerns, creating a nose that is aesthetically ideal for your face. He will use one of two broader techniques: an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty.

Open Rhinoplasty
An open rhinoplasty uses incisions within the nose as well as an incision on the columella — the visible strip of cartilage that separates the nostrils at the base of the septum. This procedure does leave a tiny scar on the outside of the nose, but it affords the surgeon a greater level of control and detail over the procedure. Clients who wish to correct the tip of the nose will need to use this option. Dr. Man prefers this technique whenever possible as it delivers more precise results.

Closed Rhinoplasty
The closed rhinoplasty does not use the external incision on the columella, which eliminates any scarring on the outside of the nose. However, this option limits the surgeon’s ability to reshape certain areas of the nose as it does not offer as much access to the nasal cartilage. This option may be most appropriate for patients who have more structural concerns related to their septum or the bridge of the nose.

In both the open and closed procedures, the skin is lifted around the incisions to provide access to the underlying tissues. At that point, Dr. Man has access to the interior of the nose to reshape or remove excess bone and cartilage.

Once the structural and aesthetic elements of the procedure are complete, the skin of the nose is re-draped in its proper place and sutured closed at the incisions. The rhinoplasty procedure takes roughly one to two hours, but it may be longer for more extensive reconstruction. The surgery is performed in Dr. Man’s comfortable offices under local or general anesthesia.

Preparing for Rhinoplasty

All of Dr. Man’s rhinoplasty patients will first visit our offices in Boca Raton for an in-person consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Man evaluates the patient’s nose and discusses their concerns and aesthetic goals. Once a plan is made, he also provides detailed instructions on how to prepare for your surgery. These instructions may include (but may not be limited to):

  • Have a complete physical
  • Have a mammogram
  • Stop smoking at least six weeks before surgery
  • Stop taking Aspirin or other NSAIDs that can cause bleeding
  • Reduce alcohol consumption to three drinks per week or fewer
  • Stay hydrated

Other preparation may include planning for the initial time immediately following the procedure. This includes:

  • Arranging for transportation to and from the procedure
  • Having a caregiver for the first 48 hours following surgery
  • Taking two weeks off work following the procedure
  • Preparing cold compresses and supplies for the immediate 48-72 hours following surgery

After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure, which means that most patients return home the same day as their surgery. Immediately following the surgery, patients will rest comfortably in our offices until the anesthesia begins to wear off. Any necessary medications are administered to prevent infection and minimize discomfort. The patient will then need to be transported home by a friend or family member.

It is imperative for patients to have someone stay with them for the first 48 hours. Patients may feel woozy or disoriented from the anesthesia and may require prescription pain medications, which will prevent them from activities like driving or preparing meals. If necessary, patients may stay overnight at our center the first night following surgery to receive care during that time. Our nurses are all ACLS certified, and our state-of-the-art facility has specialized recovery options including chest wall cooling methods to reduce pain and swelling, a hyperbaric chamber and oxygen treatments to speed healing.

How is the recovery from Rhinoplasty?

A tape (acting much like a splint) is worn for several days. The inside of the nose also contains packing tissue. Patients will need to be careful with activities that may rub or bump the area. For example, we often recommend wearing button-front shirts that do not need to be pulled over the head or using straws when drinking from cups that may hit the nose.

The first week requires rest to allow the nose to heal. After one week, the packing and splints are removed. Dr. Man uses specialized methods to decrease swelling and bruising around the nose and eyelids during and after surgery. Patients will be kept comfortable with advanced pain management techniques and can always contact our offices if they feel that something is wrong. Most patients feel comfortable returning to work or daily activities within 14 days after their procedure. Definition of the results will continue to improve over several weeks and months — the six-month mark is where most patients see the majority of their final results, but it can take up to two years before the nose has fully settled into its new shape.

How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of a nose job varies, just as each procedure varies with each nose. Rhinoplasties may also be combined with other procedures such as eyelid surgery or lip enhancements, which will influence the overall cost. Dr. Man will discuss costs with each patient during a consultation, as well as payment options and financing. Health insurance may provide coverage depending on the purpose of the procedure.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose or have functional problems with breathing, we recommend scheduling a rhinoplasty consultation in Boca Raton with Dr. Man. Only with a board-certified surgeon’s expert advice can you know for certain if a rhinoplasty will deliver the results you seek. After an in-person meeting, Dr. Man can make a recommendation and discuss how you can achieve your goals in detail, so you can make an informed decision about your procedure or procedures. He can also answer any questions you may have about your options.

Florida board-certified plastic surgeon, Daniel Man, M.D., performs top-tier rhinoplasty, a full range of other plastic surgeries and non-invasive cosmetic procedures in Boca Raton, Florida. We welcome patients from the immediate and surrounding areas who want to feel better about their appearance and renew their self-confidence. Please contact us to set up your consultation today.