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Introducing the ART (Articulating, Reclining, Tilting) Surgical Bed

The ART Bed was designed by Dr. Man, manufactured in the USA, and is used in many practices now besides his own. It is significantly less expensive than standard operating beds and has unique advantages for plastic surgeons across the country.

The ART Bed has many unique advantages. It performs as any conventional operating room table, but in addition is able to create unique multiple positions and angles which leads to better patient comfort, a better surgical experience, and better cosmetic results.

Dr. Man developed the ART Bed after realizing that plastic surgery procedure results were affected by the fact that a patient lying flat on an operating table presents differently than when they are upright enough for gravity to pull at their body.

When the patient is positioned on the ART Bed and secured with efficient restraining devices, their body rests at up to a 30-degree angle to the floor. This allows the surgeon to witness the effects of gravity on the body, unlike the conventional horizontal bed.

The ART Bed enhances drainage during surgery, which leaves the patient experiencing less venous congestion and swelling. There is an increase of RPC (residual pulmonary capacity), meaning the patient can breathe more easily when the diaphragm isn’t pushed up by the abdominal contents and there is extra air left in the lungs compared to a patient who is placed in a horizontal position.

The ART Bed allows the surgeon to observe the patient in any position with a press of a button. Several bed movements can be handled simultaneously; such as a lateral tilt, Trendelenburg or jackknife position. This bed provides the surgeon with an easy access to the patient, unlike the conventional narrow beds. It is provided with an efficient set of wheels and can be repositioned with minimal effort in a short amount of time.

Extremely portable, the ART Bed can be folded up and/or moved easily. The patient’s arms are secured and supported with special arm boards, preventing the upper extremities from sliding off during surgery. The built-in electrical outlets are embedded and placed out of the way. A special comfortable, sturdy facial pad is provided for use if the patient is placed in a prone position. Physically, the patient has a much easier time getting on and off the bed. The anesthesia circuits can be hooked up and warming pads can be attached securely with ease.

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