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Surgisis is a small medical patch that can be placed over a wound or scar to encourage healing. What makes Surgisis so revolutionary is that it is not just removed like a Band-Aid—a Surgisis patch actually becomes part of your skin, just like a skin graft.Surgisis Biodesign is not a new graft or mesh, but a whole new category in the evolution of tissue repair. A breakthrough technology, it incorporates the best attributes of a biologic graft—resistant to infection and complete remodeling—with the added benefits of moderate price, ease of use and widespread availability. Surgisis Biodesign offers you a new level of assurance and, most important, contributes to an improved quality of life.

Dr. Man’s office uses Surgisis to reinforce soft tissue with our more invasive procedures. By utilizing this innovative technology, we can promote healing by signaling your body’s own healing mechanisms, just like a skin graft. The Surgisis graft is placed over your wound or scar, and signals surrounding tissue to promote rapid and complete remodeling of the skin, is resistant to infection, and offers reduced early complications. Over time, it becomes strong and becomes part of the skin, complete with its own blood vessels. It is like having a skin graft without having to remove any of your own skin.

Potential complications when using Surgisis include infection, acute or chronic inflammation, or allergic reaction. If any of these conditions occur, the device should be removed by your doctor.

For more information on Surgisis ® please visit http://www.cookbiotech.com/products/surgisis/index.html Dr. Daniel Man and his staff will be happy to discuss Surgisis ® with you. Please call for a private consultation at 1 ( 888 ) 822 7543 or schedule an appointment online.